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Why buy your Dressing Gowns online from us?

For us, a dressing gown conjures up thoughts of lazy Sunday mornings, breakfast in bed or a family movie night in front of the TV. These times spent with loved ones are some of the best moments in life and we believe they should be cherished, protected and even planned for!

These days our schedules are so hectic that it’s easy to fill up every moment of the day with activities. We bounce from one thing to the next and often forget to stop, relax and slow down. Our minds are so full of the 101 things we need to accomplish in the day that having a simple breakfast in bed can induce attacks of the guilt or fear of being lazy.

We forget how important it is to give our bodies a break. To have unstructured time where you allow yourself to do anything you want, whether that’s curl up with your favourite book, read the Sunday paper with a coffee or have a cup of tea in bed.

We want to tell you it’s ok to slow down and take a moment. Enjoy a slow morning spent in your PJs doing whatever your little heart desires. And what better way to remind yourself of that then a strategically placed dressing gown!

Donning one of these wonderful garments gives you free reign to relax. And there are just so many to choose from…

Different types of dressing gowns
The bathrobe is such a diverse creature that comes in a plethora of colours, styles and materials. We’ve got everything from sexy little satin robes to luxurious cotton waffle robes. We’re sure you’ll find what you are looking for here:

  • Kimono robe – a great way to add a splash of colour to your life and ideal for the summer months. These are usual longer robes with gorgeous traditional japanese prints.
  • Bridesmaid robes – the ideal way to prepare for the big day is in a matching set of robes. Not only are they perfect for some pre-wedding photos, but when it comes time to change, you can undress safe in the knowledge that your hair and makeup will remain untouched.
  • Silk or satin bathrobes – the most sexy version of the dressing gown, silk and satin robes make you look and feel divine.
  • Cotton bathrobes – for those who enjoy a soft touch, the waffle robe is the classic example of luxury and comfort.
  • Mens – traditionally neutral colours so his masculinity remains intact, these bathrobes are an the ideal outfit for your lazy sunday mornings.
  • Ladies – coming in a wide variety of materials, shapes, sizes and colours, girls get to have all the fun!

Tips for buying online
Unlike other styles of clothing, bathrobes are pretty difficult to get wrong when buying online. The size and shape will mold to your body shape and not the other way round! The only advice we have is think about what will make you look and feel wonderful and go buy that!